2023/03/13 - Charity Partnership

$FINU partnered with $PEEL to manage the $FINU charity efforts.

2023/03/06 - CMC & CG Listing

$Finu has been officially listed on the coinmarketcap and coingecko website and is now trackable.



2023/03/04 - OTC Platform

Finu partnered with Yieldification to launch an Over The Counter platform.

OTC Platform

2023/02/27 - FINU Fill-Up program

The FINU Fill-Up program has officially started. Learn more here.

FINU Fill-Up

2023/02/08 - Website Merge

the website has been successfully redesigned and is now available at


2023/01/22 - Tax Remodeling

The $FINU token taxes changed from 6/9 to 5/5.


2023/01/18 - Merchandise Shop

The $FINU merchandise shop opened his doors.


2022/12/29 - Referral Program

Among the first projects FINU has launched its web3 referral program.

2022/12/17 - LLC Registration

The project now operates on the basis of a registered LLC in Utah, USA.

2022/12/05 - Whitepaper V1

The Blueprint V1 (Whitepaper) is live.


2022/12/03 - Contract Audit

The $FINU contract was examined and successfully evaluated by the Solidity Finance team.

Contract Audit

2022/11/29 - KYC Audit

The project owner has been successfully verified and is known to the Assure team now.


2022/11/28 - Fiat On-Ramp

$FINU is officially listed on the Fiat On-Ramp platform Flooz.Trade


2022/11/21 - Liquidity Lock

The Token liquidity was successfully locked on the Unicrypt Network for 100 Years.

Liquidity Lock

2022/11/21 - $FINU Token Launch

The Token successfully launched on the Ethereum Blockchain.